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Would your course be ready for a MIOSHA Visit?

If you got the call from Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration they they were coming to visit, would you and your staff be ready? Michigan Golf Course Association asked our team at Michigan Clubs Fund Self Insurance Fund to take a look at the MIOSHA self inspection checklist. Patrick Dunn, Loss Control Specialist with RPS Regency weighed in with additional input:

  • How is vehicle safety handled? Many golf courses have a utility vehicle on the property. The vehicles may also travel on public roads for errands or to travel between different locations for the same course or course ownership. Vehicles may also be used to transport equipment. How is load securement handled? Is there a vehicle and driver safety program?
  • It is easy to overlook the utility vehicles and golf carts used on the property. Is there a policy in place to ensure the safe operation of these vehicles? Here is a sample policy from Michigan Clubs Fund
  • Grounds keeping employees are routinely exposed to hazards from insects and animals. Are there policies in place to reduce this exposure (DEET, long pants and shirts)?
  • Grounds keeping employees are exposed to weather extremes. This includes heat, cols, wind, and lightening. How are they notified of incoming storms? Are shaded breaks provided during extreme heat?
  • Chemicals – Ensure that the employees exposed to chemicals are adequately trained on the GHS standard. This includes use of pesticides, herbicides, cleaning, and pool chemicals. Speaking of pools, are the operators certified?
  • A hazard which is often overlooked by golf courses and clubs includes crowd controls. Clubs which serve alcohol should train their employees to avoid injury to both employees and patrons.
  • Are any of the staff certified in first aid?
Thank you Michigan Clubs Fund! For more information on creating a safe workplace or for an onsite safety consultation,

Michigan Occupational Safety and Heath Administration

MIOSHA also offers consultative services and many more resources to keep employees safe. Find out about how to request MIOSHA consultative services here 

More Information

For more details on a possible inspection and how to properly handle it here is a Course Conditions Article from MiGCSA President Jeff Sweet, CGCS of Bucks Run Golf Club on their inspection in 2016  

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