Club Procure for MGCA

Club Procure for MGCA

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HUGE Owner Benefits through Club Procure Partnership!

Through our partnership with Club Procure, MGCA members will receive tremendous cost-savings opportunities!

  • Any MGCA member 18-hole or more facility can sign up for Club Procure membership for ONLY $250 annually, a 50% savings of the normal $500 price!
  • Any MGCA member 9-hole facility can sign up for a Club Procure membership for ONLY $200 annually, a 20% savings of the normal $250 price!

This is a HUGE member benefit and will be in effect for as long as you continue to be a MGCA member.

You must be a member of the MGCA when signing up for Club Procure to receive this member benefit.

If you are already a member of Club Procure and the MGCA, you will receive this special member rate on your next Club Procure membership billing.

If you are an existing multi-course operator with special agreements, you are exempt as are any individual facilities that currently have annual memberships negotiated that are less than $250.

Once you join Club Procure you are entitled to utilize any of Club Procure's more than 100 participating suppliers and take advantage of their cost-savings as an MGCA and a Club Procure member!

For more information on benefits through Club Procure or other MGCA/NGCOA Preferred Partners please contact Executive Director Jada Paisley

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