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Please note: This part of the website is undergoing constant updating at this time.  Are you a corporate member?  Check your listing and categories and see if they are accurate.  If not, contact Jada Paisley

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The corporate members of MGCA understand the value of MGCA membership. Members will often buy from other MGCA suppliers and advertisers because they understand the value of MGCA Corporate Membership.  We encourage you to "Buy MGCA" since only corporate members who have invested in membership are featured.

MGCA is the only industry association committed to advocacy, education and promotion for the golf industry in Michigan.  Our corporate members help us with that goal.  THANK YOU!

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Jada Paisley, CMP Executive Director
c: 517-285-4195


Milt Senter, Special Projects Coordinator
c: 517-896-5222


Mary Brodin, Office Coordinator
p: 517-482-4312



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    Michigan Golf Course Association - MGCA
    East Lansing, MI

    1005 Abbot Road, Suite A  East Lansing, MI 48823
    P: 517-482-4312  |  F: 517-267-8984